Reflection Haikus

Color flows through leaves Reflection allows them see Beauty of their tree   Finished, they fall down Caught on the surface, they stay Family all 'round Liquid fire dances Tickling lilies from above Lake's forgotten depths

2016 Garden Recap (Better Late Than Never. Right?)

Sometime in June I blinked, and BLAMO!  It's October. Most of my writing efforts this summer have focused on becoming unexpected duck farmers and The Scattering. The homestead vegetation has been unaffected by my lack of record keeping. Our fence worked wonders for the vegetable production this year!  It is amazing (not really) what keeping the chickens and sheep... Continue Reading →

The Bean Pumpkin-Vs-The Trellis

Final score: Pumpkin- 1 Trellis- 0 Midsummer we noticed a volunteer pumpkin plant had sprouted off the deck and promptly gotten confused.  It climbed the fence and closed the gap between the deck's fence and the bean trellis. This closed off the path we had been using to get to the front garden.  Instead of repositioning it we just... Continue Reading →

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