“Where’s My Hoverboard?!”

After watching all three “Back to the Future” movies with the boys, I remembered that- as of tomorrow we will all have hoverboards, flying cars, movie posters that try to eat you and pizza re-hydrators!

Unless that is, Biff isn’t stopped from giving his past self the sports almanac; in which case tomorrow will bring roaming bands of motorcycle ganges and wide spread gun violence.


Is that what is wrong with America today!?!  We need a Dalorian and a mad scientist, STAT!

Meanwhile back on the homestead it has been an eventful year.

Last year I decided to make some major changes in my day to day focus.  I put my restaurant career on the back burner and really put time with my little family first.

After all, I did not move across the country to further my career.  I moved to have the chance to create a family home with Ry and the boys.

The four of us got to spend more time all together this past year than any other.  It was indescribable.  Childhood moments are fleeting.  It has been an honor to be there for more of them.

Instead of my phone ringing all the time (always with a problem or adjustment on the other side of the line) it was silent.  I got a job restoring antiques in my home town and am again starting a new trade from the bottom up.

We tripled the size of our garden from 2013 and learned many lessons along the way, like not planting corn too close together.





Even though we had many set backs, there was still a glorious harvest.



One that my husband took full advantage of.

I made him a cool felt hat too and yes he wanted the point.
I made him a cool felt hat too and yes he wanted the point.

We had many births and doubled the size of the flock.



We added another verity of fowl to the mix.


As promised they are not as quite as cute as they used to be.



But we love them anyway, horned blue heads and all.


My mom always says “I only know enough to know I don’t know much” and that mantra has been a constant in my life.  There is always more to learn but you have to seek lessons.

We did our best make time to explore Maine.  With open eyes and no particular destination.   We were rewarded with some amazing views.


We all managed to make it out West for the wedding of my favorite little sister.  Who is now married to my new favorite little-brother-in-law.


It was beyond amazing to be there and see the beginning of their married life together.

There were silly requests to honor, like someone (who will remain nameless, short and blond) wanting a rice crispy mountain wedding cake topped with a marmot battle.

She got that and so much more when we composed the Marmot’s tale to go along with our creation.


Had I still been running a kitchen I am sure I wouldn’t have taken the time out West that we did.  Instead of rushing back for events and late nights away from home, we had the most amazing trip.

2014 was not an easy year.  We made a lot of hard choices and sacrifices to put time with family first.  There have been consequences but all we can to do is keep moving, trying, learning.

I have never made New Year’s resolutions but I do think it is a great time to reflect.  Gain perspective and remember that “some things never change and some do.”  

Moments are finite.  Everything will move on, with our without you, so make it count.


I can promise that it won’t be easy but it will be worth it .  In the coming year I hope for more sun rises through our kitchen window,


And sunsets out our front door.


Above all I try to be grateful for all the simple things that surround us, like the love of our furry housemates.

Luna is in the background on her shelf being aloof.
Luna is in the background on her shelf being aloof.

Our messy little house and goofy family are the greatest gifts I have ever received.

In 2015 I wish the best for you and yours.  May luck and light bless your home and above all, seek out silly adventures and make time for absurd games with good company.




3 Comments on ““Where’s My Hoverboard?!”

  1. Thank you for sharing your journey. As I said, I look forward to the news and read each one from beginning to end. I wish you all a Blessed Christmas and a great and prosperous adventure in 2015.

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