I Lied. The Digging-Out Is The Hardest Part.

It is another sunny day!  Only now the ground is under a couple more feet of snow.

Wednesday Morning
Monday Morning

The wind was INTENSE as promised but overall it was far from Armageddon.  Our power only flickered once and aside from Luna acting more homicidal than normal; all is well here on the homestead.

I can say that now because my amazing husband has freed the cars and reconnected us with the outside world.

The drifts are something else and while some places only got a few inches we have dunes that are almost four feet other spots on the property.

The chicken coops both made it with no damage and very little snow inside but plenty of chickens.  Just the way it should be.


The guinea fowl/chicken flock passed the storm in the A frame coop.


The door was on the right side so the wind didn’t make a mondo-drift in front of it.


The back side was a different story.


Getting water to them this morning I had to go through drifts that were almost to my hips.


I did a time lapse of our front yard for an hour yesterday morning you can see it on the FB page.  I am actually surprised we got as much snow as we did, the wind seemed determined to blow everything straight Canada.  The back garden did catch a lot of it on its journey North.

IMG_1127 IMG_1125

I think that award goes to the space in front of the cars.  Midday yesterday it didn’t look too bad.  In fact, the wind seemed to be keeping the cars and driveway relatively clear.
Never mind.
After some shoveling/snow blowing the truth was revealed.
That is a lot of snow. It was pretty amazing to watch it fall (sideways) all day.
We had no intention of going outside for anything (hence the wood hoarding.)
It got into some tight spots.
 Our ‘keep the doors closed’ policy had an interesting effect on the front porch.
 Maybe we should have gone out once or twice.
Oh well, we will get it right next blizzard.

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