“The W a i t i n g Is The Hardest Part”

It is such a beautiful day today, it’s hard to believe that tomorrow we will be in the middle of THE BLIZZARD OF 2015.


Right now, outside it looks like this.


Pretty and sunny. Inside, my husband has redecorated the living room with logs.


To his credit it was stowed quickly.  They are now drying out and warming up getting ready for the next 48 hours.  It is odd to see Maine winter preparation abutting plumeria but I wouldn’t have it any other way!


The dogs seem unaffected by the incoming storm.  Can you see anything wrong with this picture?


If you said “not enough dog blankets”  the dogs would like your contact information.

Stay warm everyone!

Here we go…

2 Comments on ““The W a i t i n g Is The Hardest Part”

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