Simple Thoughts From A Snow-Covered Mind

“A hard truth makes for better sleep than a fluffy lie.”

“We are all just plankton in the sea of life.”

“There’s no such thing as perfect. However, there are a great many things that are imperfectly complete.”

“There is magic all around you if you know what to look for.  Those who don’t believe in magic have just forgotten what it looks like”

“Trying to capture nature in words is as futile as capturing fireflies in a jar, but it is not as traumatic for the flies”

“We often don’t question who made the path we walk or even why it is- until we reach its end.  By then ‘who and why’ may seem like more important questions.  Make your own road and you will have a better understanding of every part on the journey”

Think warm melty thoughts for us!


What say you?

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