I Can’t Say They Didn’t Warn Me.

One might think that someone who cooks for a living would be a kitchen gadget nut but I am not.  In my humble opinion there are only a few things you NEED in a kitchen.  Most of them are sharp knifes 🙂

While shopping the other day I decided to splurge and buy what I thought was a spatula.  Upon closer inspection, I discovered that this was apparently a specialized spatula or “Pancake Turner.”

Ok, whatever.  Right?


I have never been very good at reading directions; and have a long and glorious history of “durability testing” kitchen equipment so what happened next is not very surprising.

Midway through this morning’s hash brown flipping, this happened.


My first thought, as the beheaded instrument clattered to the floor was; “REALLY?!  You call that a spatula?!”

Then I remembered; that technically they hadn’t.

But how did it know that wasn’t a pancake?  Either this is the smartest spatula in the known world or just another shoddy grocery story kitchen utensil.

I can’t say they didn’t warn me.



What say you?

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