The Dream & The Wait

We will start with the dream, because that came first (5 years ago and a lifetime before that.)  During that time of trial that followed, Em and I put it out to the universe- we want our own place.  An opportunity to showcase all we have done throughout the years.  A place to bring people together and support our family/community.

We came to the East with this dream and worked tirelessly towards it, always hoping this would happen but being aware that you can’t force things to occur.

This week it actually happened.  It is funny how life works out sometimes.  I walked into the bank about a week ago to get checks cut.  At that time, the teller was having troubles with the printer and said it would take a few minutes.  She pointed me to the waiting area where there was a newspaper.

I picked up the newspaper (one I have never actually read before) and opened it to my surprise the first thing I saw was this opportunity at Province Lake about 5 miles from our house.


A few seconds later my checks were printed and the teller told me to have a great day.  Little did she know that great day started with her having a printer she could not understand how to use. I left the bank got in the car and told Em what I had just read we were both in disbelief…

Within the hour I was driving over where I met Patrick, the golf pro.  We shot the shit and I knew in a few minutes this was where Em and I was destine to be (and so did he.)




We were optimisticly cautious but after meeting the owners, the caution went out the window.

These two have been on their own path with many similarities to our own.  It was only a matter of minutes before we both realized what we had truly stumbled upon.

The chance to work and grow with kindred spirits, on a beautiful old property.

The stained glass was all done by the brother of the previous owners. They are amazing!
The stained glass was all done by the brother of the previous owners. They are amazing!


Now all the hard work we put in is behind us and even harder work stands in front of us. Somehow this does not seem like hard work, it seems like something we have been preparing for since inception. We both have had trouble sleeping since then but sleep is overrated if you are not chasing the the dream.

With all that being said what we are about to embark on will be hard, will be filled with ups & downs but we are ready and willing to push forward raise the bar and make a future that we can be proud of, and hopefully teach the boys a few lessons on the way.

All I know is there is a whole lot more beautiful old spaces, stained glass and carvings in our future.

We will be sharing an office again.


There will be difficult long days and when they come, we will pray-


I just want to ask anyone that reads this to send us good thoughts and think positive about the blessing we have been given.  Our lives have been spent making other people money, at the cost of time with our family and each other.  We will be creating a restaurant the exact way we want in an amazing place, that is literally just around the corner.


I came to the realization what we internally knew to be true, to dream a dream is the starting point of what the future holds.


17 Comments on “The Dream & The Wait

  1. I am ecstatic for you!! Johnny and I are in a similar place, the excitement of everything falling into place! You are correct, it does not seem like work when it is dreams coming true; perhaps why you can’t sleep, your dream is awakening!! And nice to know your name my friend, makes praying for you so much easier. Your energy is just oozing from the page! You are officially on my positive intentions list for meditation.


    • I have to admit Ry wrote most of the post and I went through, editing and adding as needed. We are both so ecstatic about this. I had to turn down the job with the sea dogs. When it rains it pours. I told the boys about the choice I had to make and their jaws dropped. The oldest told me “that is not a choice anyone should have to make” I explained that it would have been long hours far away and I would be working every single game, so I wouldn’t be able to sit with them and heckle.

      He put out his hand like a traffic cop and stopped me dead. “You made the right choice, good job Em.”

      Then he added “and you and daddy really like working together AND you are really good at it. PLUS we could help you!”

      I pretty much melted. We then spent the next few days going there every day at their request, we don’t officially start till tomorrow. They even had their Easter egg hunt there. We are all hopeful and mindful that there is a lot of work ahead but it will be working for ourselves finally and there is nothing better then that.

      Months ago I made a conscious choice to stop asking for things and start being grateful for what we have even though we don’t have much. We have food and family and a roof. Now this happened. We are in awe. Thank you for the well wishes, Ry is truly such a positive person he deserves the recognition. It matters most when it is hardest.
      Be well!

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      • I am so thrilled for you Ember! What a magnificent opportunity! I love it when everything comes together at the perfect time! Congratulations!

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  2. I am with you on that…live, feel, like you already have it all and you will start receiving it. Law of Attraction crap, but it seriously works. Best to you all. Xx

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    • Thank you again and still! The best to your household from all of us! If you are ever in town to visit your folks give us a call and we will get you around of golf and a meal for your efforts 🙂

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  3. Is this YOUR new home? New Busness? Please fill in some blanks for me. I think Ryan found this in the newspaper but what is IT? A home? A Business? Please tell … I’m getting excited for you all already, I just need some of the excited cleared off my eyes to make sure I am seeing what I think I’m seeing ,..

    Hope that makes sense … Can’t wait to hear more about IT. 🙂


    • This is our new restaurant/ F&B operation. It is on a beautiful golf course and lake right by our house. In fact we just found out if you go right out of our driveway our road turns into the road the property is on, we stay in Maine, instead of cutting over to Nh and then back to Maine.

      It will be a lot of work and a lot to figure out since it has never really done very well. I am hoping we are well received and our hard work over all these years will pay off. Here’s to hoping!
      Thank you as always for your support, it means to world to us!

      You can check out the website just know it will no longer be called Mulligan’s but there are pictures from years past.

      Be well!


  4. Ember and Ryan,This is the best news?And do not think one moment that you both do not deserve this.Exactly what Ryan says…..hard work and determination and manifestation is the road to these results.It is always necessary to sacrifice for something worthy(as you know and learn)and you both have done that with such honor and respect.There are NO coincidence?I know this will be a great success….for you both have already done this.For us(me and bub)our prayers have been answered already(in the prayer ties I made for your marriage and family)and we continue to keep you and the family in our prayers as you move forward in life.I will put prayer ties on the sundance tree for the family this year…..But we say Wopila to the spirits for hearing our prayers!!!!! Blessed Be,Namaste,Amen,Mitakuye Oyasin!!!!!
    Sending Love,Lesly and Robert


    • Thank you for everything Les! I miss you both so much! The prayer ties have been hanging in our front window this whole time. I look at them and think of you both often. Give Robert a giant hug and kiss from all of us here. I love you!


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