Our new Lawnmowers

This past week has been beyond exciting for a number of reasons.  The new restaurant was a completely unexpected surprise, one we never saw coming.  Something we had dreamed about.

This week marked the homecoming of another dream; two more members of the family.  These were expected and had been planned for months, yesterday we finally got to bring them home.

Introducing Rusty and Lulu!  Our new lawnmowers.


They are Hampshire (ish) sheep, one boy (Rusty) and a little girl (Lulu.)  A metric butt load of cuteness ensued.



The dogs were good with them and the lambs seemed unfazed even when Isis was super intense, they just stood their ground.  Pele cleaned up all the milk they missed and in general seemed pretty stoked there were more ‘her size’ animals in the house.

I didn’t have the heart to tell her they will get bigger than her, probably sooner than later.  For the moment she can play queen of the lambs all she wants.


We let them pass their first day inside so we could keep an eye on them.  Our anxiety seemed misplaced; they both ate, drank and slept calmly.



I cleaned.


Truthfully, I have had worse house guests.  As the night went on they were so mellow we all kind of forgot we had lambs in the house. Till this little face nudged your leg and blatted.

HOLY CRAP we have sheep… in the house.


We converted the boy’s bunk bed jungle,

The boy's indoor bunk bed jungle/secret hideout.
The boy’s indoor bunk bed jungle/secret hideout.

into a livestock pen.


And they had their first sleep over.  Pele too.


They didn’t last the whole night inside, Lulu kept trying to follow me out of the room by jumping on the hay bale and then on to the foot of the Big One’s bed.  They ended up in the A-frame coop for the night and this morning seemed no worse for the ware.  I am glad we got two so they have each other for company.

We are looking forward to more warm fuzzy cuddle time and less grass.


4 Comments on “Our new Lawnmowers

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  2. Congrats on their arrival! Sooo cute and the best lawn mowers money can buy 😉 Your boys are cute also, and dang, if we didn’t travel over with that same exact stove from the US of A! Really happy for you on all fronts. Xx

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