Busy Days and Drunken Lambs.


We have been going nonstop since I wrote The Dream & The Wait.  As expected, we now live at work and home is for all the animals & livestock we have. The funny thing is at this point I don’t even care.

Life is a challenge and you can’t go running around being scared of it, you need to step up to the plate and take some cuts or you will never succeed. We are starting to get into a routine, my amazing wife goes out in the morning lets the chickens out.

We both have been feeding the lambs bottles before we leave and when we get home.

When we get home the chickens are my responsibility.  We eat, sleep and go to work and do exactly that, it really is a nonstop whirlwind trying to put all the pieces of this puzzle together. I have found more coffee cup lids in more places than I really have ever seen in my life combined (no joke.)

To be honest I have found enough stock and equipment to stock five restaurants. It looks like every person that went there just went nuts trying to change, change, change…

I realize change is one of the only constants in life but so is inconsistency.  The latter is what has been happening there before we arrived and knowing Em and myself; that is a thing of the past. With any dream there is a wait.  That wait is over and we could not be happier. I want to thank everyone for the support it really does mean the world to us.

The best bet you can make in life is to bet on yourself because you know the odds are stacked against you and that is ok.

P.S. We got Lulu a drinking buddy, her name is Daisy and she is a beautiful Katahdin (Maine native breed) but I think they might both have a problem…do they have AA for sheep?!


Just kidding, we actually ran out of plastic bottles (we try not to buy plastic) and this was the only thing around that was a decent size.

Be well!

Ry and Em

5 Comments on “Busy Days and Drunken Lambs.

  1. Wonderful that LuLu has a drinking buddy … And, I promise to keep their little “problem” a secret unless it gets very, very baaaaaaaaad. Congrats on your lovely little bundle of joy. Two girls and two boys … What a wonderful flock of kids.

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