The Back Burner

It is probably pretty obvious at this point that this blog has been pushed to the back burner.  Opening a restaurant turns out to be quite time consuming.  I have found myself with a few seconds and so I will give a quick synopsis of the highlights from the past few weeks.

It has been amazing to have our commute to work shortened from an hour plus to ten minutes.  In addition the dive is absolutely beautiful.  All back roads, only to pop out ON Province Lake.  Then a slight jog up the road to ‘the compound.’  I can understand why the Emerys settled here in the first place, it truly is one of those places you can see god’s thumbprint.


The restaurant is a work in progress but there has been a lot of progress.

Not done yet...
The “not done yet” dinning room.

Word of mouth has spread and even though we are only open in the new deli and bar we have had a few little rushes.  We are very grateful for that!


We decided on a name- The EmRy House.

The idea of naming a restaurant after ourselves even slightly has always been something the two of us swore up and down we would never do.  Like so much in life; vowing never to do a thing ensured we would be in a position one day to do just that.  We went over dozens of other names and none of them made as much sense.

The Emerys built the property and we thought it was only right to pay homage to their original efforts.  It is also a little inside joke since I can’t spell (some of you may have noticed) of course I would misspell the name of our restaurant.

Logos have been created (thanks to an amazing graphic designer that Ry knew from Redhook) but not installed.


EmRy_House_Square_Gold_FB  IMG_3756

There is so much more to do the days are just flying by.  I have already missed the oldest first baseball game, Daddy went and took pictures for me though.

He hit it on the first pitch!
He hit it on the first pitch!

There is a lot to juggle.  We can’t do it alone and have lucked into some amazing people to help us on this big adventure.  The boys are so gung-ho it is beyond words.  I showed them how to work the dishwasher when they returned from the game and they watched it like it was TV, as it ran through its cycle.


Then they precede to wash anything that wasn’t nailed down (most of it was already clean but it was good practice.)  They are now begging to become “waiters.”  Ry has insisted for years that they are to find a career outside hospitality, I think there is an extremely proud father right below the surface.

I can see it in his eyes when they insist on helping me run food; as one goes through the kitchen door backwards, plate in hand and then stands there to let the other brother and me through.  They rock! I am just happy they are so comfortable with how much time we will all spend on property.

There is a ton for them to do not in the restaurant, they will be learning to golf, the lake is literally on the course, I foresee a decent amount of swimming this summer.


There is a game room and we have outfitted the office with plenty of boy amenities. There is a lot to get straight before we open for Mother’s Day brunch this Sunday.


We are planning to open for dinner service in the dinning room Monday the 11th, wish us luck we are going to need all the help and good vibes we can get.  There is more to report about the homestead; deaths, new additions, great escapes, growth…


But I have to go.

Muffins are not going to make themselves.   Our amazing baker (and all around bad-ass) Kris will be doing that and I want to make sure I am there to tell her “thank you,” cause she rocks!  We can’t do it alone and are not arrogant enough to try.

Cinnamon chocolate chip, blue berry cheesecake and apple. :)
Cinnamon chocolate chip, blue berry cheesecake and apple. 🙂

I also might end up eating a muffin or two.

I will try to write if I get a second about the rest of our crazy life but I have got to get going!!!  Thank you everyone and have a great day!



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