The Dream & The Wait Part 2

Well, most of you are already aware of the result from the Dream & The Wait. The long and the short is; we have more waiting to do.

We both learned a ton of valuable lessons.

Trust is a hard thing to come by.  It is not something that can be put in writing.  Trust is a feeling you earn for doing what you say and saying what you do, over an extended period of time.  We were in the process of building that type of trust with the community. We had people coming in and enjoying the experience we put out there; even in a place they did not necessarily want to come to (because of its history.)

For those who wanted nothing more than for it to stay the same, they now get what they want but in our defense that is not what we were asked to do.  We were pitched a dream “a place to call our own” , “if you build it they will come”, “make it your own” , “It’s your call…”  Behind our backs was a different story, the same one that had been playing out for years.

Our track record speaks for itself and so does theirs.  I have to admit, it is hard not to feel set-up and used.

Moving forward, Em and I still trust that there is good in people; just maybe not all people, all the time.  As we sit here on Father’s Day with our two little munchins I look back at another post I wrote and it hits home harder than when I wrote it. I said “it is not the path you choose to walk but how and who you choose to walk it with.”

We are proud of how we walked but a few of the people we walked it with, were not correct.  I reserve a special place in my heart for people that have wronged me.  Not a negative place but a place of understanding and realization that not all humans are equipped to deal with true genuine people.

Em and I will move on, make another place in this world for us, not manipulated by the powers that be.  I have been looking at various locations but they will have to wait, we need to regroup, reenergize, and wash away the mud we have just run through.

The people we meet though this experience was a great surprise to the both of us, we walked away with more genuine friends than we thought possible. The support from those friends has been amazing.  Most people would be bummed at the outcome- and we are in many ways, but we are not with the way we and the staff carried ourselves through the storm. True loyalty is earned and speaks for itself.  I can’t say the same for purchased loyalty.

There is a place in this world for everyone.

Gloria Gainer said it best “I Will Survive” and to that note so will we. Life has a funny way of working things out and sometimes you just have to take the ride to remind you of what is really important.

Family, friends, happiness, the garden, and the right to bear arms 🙂 (The Baron, Blevin and a few others are laughing there asses off right now.) I am going to go now and enjoy time with the family.

At a beautiful new lake, shown to us by beautiful new friends.
At a beautiful new lake, shown to us by wonderful new friends.

We wish all you well; that walked down this road with us.  We will do everything in my power to get us all back together in a place we all deserve to be. When life gives you lemons make lemonade, I am still trying to figure out what to do when life gives you rotten tomatoes, I guess just compost them.

Live in the present, learn from the past, and move on to the future  🙂

4 Comments on “The Dream & The Wait Part 2

  1. When life gives you rotten tomatoes … Throw them back! Having a strong arm is as important as having a strong back and strong spirit too.

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    • We have both. It is a good reminder that some people really are that strange and there is not much you can do about but get as far away as possible. I still pissed I missed the boys’ baseball games. My priorities are back on straight and that is all that matters. Thank you as always, back to the drawing board.
      Be well!


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