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How Can I Tell?

Am I beautiful? How can I tell? I could look for the answer in the mirror to see what I need to cover up. I could give myself a number either off a scale or tag. I could look at the beautiful people that… Continue Reading “How Can I Tell?”

The Dream & The Wait Part 2

Well, most of you are already aware of the result from the Dream & The Wait. The long and the short is; we have more waiting to do. We both learned a ton of valuable lessons. Trust is a hard thing to come by.  It… Continue Reading “The Dream & The Wait Part 2”

My First Year Without A Father.

The end of November will mark one year since my dad passed unexpectedly. It has been the first year of my life I didn’t have a dad ready at hand.  Just a phone call away.  Not that I called all the time.  I am… Continue Reading “My First Year Without A Father.”

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