Memorial Pillows

This summer has been one of the most tumultuous seasons in recent years and that’s saying something!  I thought it right to spend some time on simple things.  Like our couch.

No, wait.  I know how that sounds and it’s not like that.

I don’t mean that I’m going to spend more time with my tail planted on the cushions.  Rather, I decided to make new cushions.

I really do love our couch but it had the unavoidable feature of having 50% zebra print back cushions.



Other than that I loved the set up, great for everyone to lounge, but the time had finally come to do away with those god awful things once and for all!

With the second anniversary of my dad’s death coming up, he has been on my mind recently.  Given that the majority of my inheritance was/is comprised of very nice sweaters, button down shirts and more Hawaiian shirts than any one human being needs.  I have been saving them for various quilting projects but last week after washing some, I realized three things:

1) That they were about pillow sized.

2) I was the proud owner of a sewing machine.

3) And lacked proper supervision.

So it was not long before, bingo bango.


New couch cushions!  I could tell you in detail how they were made but who am I kidding?  Just sew up all the holes but one, stuff things through that and sew it up last…


I looked it up on line and a lot of people seem to cut off the sleeves and collar but I see no reason to go through all that effort.

The littlest munchkin wanted to turn his favorite (outgrown) outfit into pillows too.  Ok, sure.

It didn’t take long for Isis to wonder what we were looking at.  Since it wasn’t her; she went ahead and fixed that.


Then Pele came over to make sure someone looked at her too.  Honey decided it was time to show both if them how to properly use cushions and all was right with the world.


Pretty amazing what new pillows can do!

Be well and remember to take the shirts off before the sewing starts.


10 Comments on “Memorial Pillows

    • Thanks, I can’t really take credit. Though I have to admit a cursory glance at pintrest shows not a one with the sleeves and collar attached. Whole crap! I invented something on pint rest, just by being lazy!!!

      But again, probably not. I’m always thinking I invented things, when I haven’t. Oh well. 🙂


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