How Train Your Humans. By- The Dogs

In honor of National Dog Day…

Wicked Rural Homestead

I think we can safely say that as dog owners we have fallen short more than a couple times.  Since we are have three female dogs (all with aspirations of alphadom) it has not always been easy to manage our little pack.

Isis’s birthday has just passed and so she has officially entered the “terrible twos” in human years and doggie-early adulthood at the same time.  What a magical combination!

She is pretty adorable, unfortunately she knows it.

IMG_3678 Doggie pin-up

I have come to believe that under that beautiful coat she is secretly harboring 10 square miles worth of New Zeland sheep country.

She has been shedding for three months now.

We can only hope this last fluffy bottom coat will be the last.  On the upside; she will spends hours outside in the winter snow.  Wondering why no one wants to play with her.


It has not been easy to raise a husky. …

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