Photo Challenge- Extra


Currently,  the word evokes strong- conflicting emotions.

There is a constant battle inside my head over how I perceive my reality and judge my efforts.

It seems like there is never enough.  Not time, money, energy or anything for that matter.  Any effort that’s exerted, comes up short.  My schedule is filled with ‘those days.’  The ones when even your best is not good enough and it is a relief just to break even.

Especially this time of year.  The dead of winter.  Slack tide.

Wake up, animals, drive, work, drive, animals, eat, sleep, repeat. Try to do get ahead of it all enough to carve out time with the boys and still have time to nurture our marriage.

There is always more to do; or something/someone I feel I am neglecting.

Extra?!  What’s that?  We would need to have enough before we could have more. 

Then, I breath.  I thank the breath in my lungs for being there.

I breath again, closing my eyes and open them as I exhale.  I thank them for my sight.

I look around and breath some more.  I thank the universe for all the lives I share my space with.  It is not perfect, but it is safe, warm and filled with love.

It was with this attitude I approached the photo challenge this week.  Our persistence and endurance provides us with many things to be grateful for.  There might even be some extra.

Overwintering animals is hard work and during that time most don’t produce any of their normal bounty.  It is easy to forget that one of the reasons we put forth so much effort and dedicade time and space to them is not just to have something to pet- we receive from them too.

This weekend I gave Lulu a little hair cut.  The result is my photo for the week.


She defiantly has extra, I can’t tell where I took it from and I’m the one who did it.


She is the embodiment of extra and a good reminder that early morning chores eventually produce a harvest.  The tips are even extra dirty 🙂 but it washes white and takes color very well!


This photo challenge has taught me something again!

My definition of ‘extra’ is bound up with my expectations.  I must be aware that I set that bar.  I need to be more thankful for the things that go right; instead of resenting they didn’t go better.  There is no peace in that constant expectation and yearning.  It is not a place I want to live.  So, I won’t.

May you work hard and receive bounty in return.  May days of thankless effort bear unexpected fruit and most of all, remember to be kind in your judgements of yourself and others.

Be well!





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