Photo Challenge 2016- Layer

Spring forests in New England are amazing to behold.  Bright green leaves are born of twig tips and explode to blot out the sun from the forest floor.  The ground darkens and it seems like all in one week, you can no longer see the forest through the trees.

I love to watch everything recover from its winter state.  As the new leaves fill the space above our heads; it is easy to forget that just as much is happening below our feet.  Protected by layers of spring leaves past, things are thriving getting ready to make their entrance into the dappled sun shine.

Ghost Plant is one of these pilgrims I have taken to observing in these early stages of growth.  By locating last year’s remnant,


I can carefully pull back the decaying layers of detritus and find the hope of a new harvest below.  This is my entry for the prompt ‘layer.’


The beginnings of a new season pushing through the layers of the old.  How astounding it is to witness all this new growth emerging from decay.

May the layers of your years feed new growth and lift our hopes for an abundant harvest in the coming months!

Be well!

What say you?

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