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Spring Break, Homestead Edition

This week proved once again (and still) how awesome the boys are.  I am officially 8 3/4 months pregnant and in this state it could be a real drain to have two rambunctious kids running round for ten days, but true to form the… Continue Reading “Spring Break, Homestead Edition”

Photo Challenge 2016- Layer

Spring forests in New England are amazing to behold.  Bright green leaves are born of twig tips and explode to blot out the sun from the forest floor.  The ground darkens and it seems like all in one week, you can no longer see the… Continue Reading “Photo Challenge 2016- Layer”

Spring time in Maine (Shut Up Ca! I Can Hear You From Here.)

To celebrate the fist day of spring, I went to the beach the other day…  (Click for gallery.)  I think I have said all I needed to.  

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