Photo Challenge 2016- Still

The normal cycle of snow, melt, snow, repeat– skipped us this year and we have entered the frozen season with no dress rehearsal.  Barring some serious weirdness, the snow that has fallen over the last week will remain till spring.

Goodbye ground!

I have come to appreciated the frozen winter, so different from the wet ones I knew growing up.  During a snow storm everything stops.  The critters hunker down and everyone waits for the world to be covered and then cleared.

Even the husky chills out momentarily.  Then she periodically loses her furry mind and runs through the new snow like it’s a job.  Since for her it kind of is. img_4659

The banana tree standing over her a clear reminder of warmer winters.  One of my husband’s many contributions to our indoor jungle.  A little bit of tropical memory arching over our Nordic creature.

The still excitement of a snow day is one of life’s greatest pleasures, as long as you have a warm fire and cuddling buddies.

I had the chance to pass a quite day at home, finishing Christmas projects and hanging out with the canines.

It was still and warm, life was good!


What say you?

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