I have always had the unquenchable desire to create stuff.  Pretty much anything will do for materials, I can sculpt, draw, paint, weave, sew, and when all else fails I will completely make things up but there is nothing that I have ever done that even approaches what I see outside on any given morning.

From the sunrise; to ice crystals dancing across a puddle, there is not much in nature that doesn’t get my undivided attention.

Last week as I drove into work, I saw a shinning spot off to the left in the woods.  I got closer and saw that it was the overflow from the snowmakers, shooting out into the woods and freezing on the foliage near by.


Each plant, a creation of the elements and time.


The combinations were fascinating!  Ice on pine.

Ice on birch.  All the flora was encased, loosing is suppleness and gaining crystal armor.


The textures seemed endless.


I must have looked funny, walking slowly around and taking pictures but I stopped caring about that kind of thing a long time ago.   These are my art galleries, the shows that come and go with time and temperature- leaving no trace that they ever were.

I am happy I had stopped at that first glint in the woods because it was gone by afternoon.  Some creations are fleeting and I think that is the best argument for making the time to witness what nature creates without effort or intention.  In this case, it had some help from man but the effect is the same as an ice storm (which we had the joy of experiencing the next day.)


Maybe I am bias but I still think there is no art ever created that compares to the show water can put on, with a little cold and a few friends.




Be well!