One a Week Photo Challenge 2017- Ceiling

Last year, I had a perfect record of late or nonexistent entries into the 2016 Photo Challenge hosted by some awesome blog buddies of mine.  Aran Artisan, Sandra and Cathy.

They were nice enough to invite me to play again this year in the One a Week Photo Challenge.  This week’s (probably actually last week’s, given my record) prompt is ceiling.

This coincided with another snow storm at the homestead and a paradoxical observation.


One chicken’s ceiling, is another duck’s floor.

I like having the fowl so close to the house.  It is great for hauling water, food and I can visually check all of them from my bedroom window.  There is one problem, the birds have figured out that windows work both ways and now as soon as we pass in front of it- we get berated with quacks and clucks:

“FEED ME!!!”

” I SEE YOU!!!!”



It is a small price to pay for the ability to feed them with slippers on!  Anyone who wants to participate in the One a Week Photo Challenge is more than welcome to.  The more the merrier.

Be well, stay warm and happy snapping!


5 Comments on “One a Week Photo Challenge 2017- Ceiling

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