“Hey Guys, We Have Wings!!!”

I mentioned earlier, that having the chickens and ducks outside the front door has been pretty awesome.   Most of the time everyone gets along well and this is the first winter in years I have not been running two different coops.

They get along well but competition for food is fierce.  The ducks are like wide mouthed vacuums and the precise beaks of the chickens just can’t keep up.  Recently, the chickens have realized that they might have small mouths but their bodies are not too heavy for flight.

The ducks try to fly but fail.  As they are of Rouen ancestry and far too heavily to manage much more than a tippy-toe-run with wings going full force.   That situation has given us this next bit of footage.

Morning feeding.

It’s amusing; unless you have work cloths on and are subsequently assaulted by unruly fowl.   The one who lands on the food in the video is my rooster, born here three years ago.   It is nice to finally be down to one boy.  I have loved him since he was an hour old.

Day one.

It is lovely to have him lead the flock so well.   He is nice to the hens and has stopped crowing; since for the first time in his life, is no one else to crow at.  His spurs are HUGE but he is careful and has yet to ever have a moment of aggression (fingers crossed.)  He has been through a lot and I am happy he is around.

Winter isn’t over yet, but I still like having everyone so close.  We will see how my attitude changes come mud and bug season.  We are all just waiting to see the ground again.

Till then, be well!

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