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GOOD MORNING!!! I Give You- ‘Fry Poached Eggs.’

I love eggs for breakfast.  Lucky for me there are a lot about.  My problems begin when I try to decide how I want to cook them. For me, fried eggs (sunny up or over easy) are always a good option but one that requires fat to… Continue Reading “GOOD MORNING!!! I Give You- ‘Fry Poached Eggs.’”

How Have I Never Thought Of This Before!?!

The best breakfast since scrambled eggs and tabasco!

Pancake Rorschach Test- Take at Your Own Risk.

While looking through iPhoto found some of the pancake shapes the boys have requested for breakfast over the past year. Can you tell what they are? . . . . . .The answers: . .   Sonic the Hedge Hog, Sponge Bob with bacon seaweed and… Continue Reading “Pancake Rorschach Test- Take at Your Own Risk.”

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