How Have I Never Thought Of This Before!?!

In my 31 years, I have come up with thousands of dishes.  I am pretty sure that I have forgotten more original recipes than most people ever commit to memory but a few mornings ago I had an epic “DUH!!!” *slaps forehead* moment.

Torn between last night’s sirracha chicken soup,


or poached eggs,

This was all the stuff that went to the chicken soup.

and with too little coffee in me yet to make any important decisions- I decided to poach my eggs IN the spicy chicken soup.


How have I never done this?!

The end result did not disappoint.


I added a a spoon of sour cream and a little more sirracha, because it’s my breakfast and I do what I want.

I would post a picture of the amazing creamy yoke that came out of that perfectly poached egg but after that happened I kind of blacked out.  When I came too it was gone.

The only thing that would have made it any better is a ripe avocado.  Autum in Maine is not really avocado season.  Ripe avocado season in Maine is about 3 days long.

UMMMM, avocados…

Anyway, the takeaway from all this is: use soup to poach your eggs.

The End

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