May? What May?

I don't know how it happened, but May is almost over.  Shoot, it might BE over by the time I hit 'publish' (I have been working on this post for a couple days).  Somewhere in-between midnight feedings and dirty diapers a whole month slipped through our fingers.  Ry went back to work yesterday.  I can't... Continue Reading →

Eastward Ho! Part V. New Beginnings At The End Of The Road

This April will mark five (six, oh my god!) years since we packed up the truck and headed the wrong way across the country.  After half a decade of winters I can promise you that people headed west for more than the chance to strike it rich.  More like the chance to feel their extremities during the year. We... Continue Reading →

Fort McClary

Kittery, Maine. We wandered, caressing the ruins. Touching stone hewn before our grandparents were born. Feeling the marks left by long dead hands and looking to the eternal sea. The silence broken only by the conversation between the ravens and waves. While we witnessed time devouring history. and descend; into a passage that took us back, to the light... Continue Reading →

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