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Spring is Upon Us!

I see the ground! Before I moved to New England, this would have seemed like a very odd statement indeed, but now it is an event to be celebrated.  Most of the snow in the yard had gone liquid and returned to the land… Continue Reading “Spring is Upon Us!”

Spring A-Bread, Flour Back. Easter Bread.

After enjoying the new super moon/eclipse/equinox/Ostara day last Friday AND our tasty little chicken I thought it was time for some less gruesome kitchen activities. I love bread.  I think Dr. Atkins might be the devil incarnate but I have to admit when I follow… Continue Reading “Spring A-Bread, Flour Back. Easter Bread.”

Pysanky 2015-The Pysankydome.

IT’S SNOWING!  Still.  The greenhouses are almost gone and every couple hours there is a new drift knocking on our door. Adding to the fun it has been bitterly cold.  Any plans I have had to do something fun outside are reconsidered after the ten minutes… Continue Reading “Pysanky 2015-The Pysankydome.”

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