Pysanky 2015-The Pysankydome.

IT’S SNOWING!  Still.  The greenhouses are almost gone and every couple hours there is a new drift knocking on our door.


Adding to the fun it has been bitterly cold.  Any plans I have had to do something fun outside are reconsidered after the ten minutes it takes to feed and water the chickens.

Even though the chickens are not producing many eggs at the moment, they are still laying more than the two of us want to eat a day.  The egg surplus got a bit ridicules and the last few days I have been Pysankying (not a real word) my brains out.

 I discovered the joy of Pysanky last year and it has been fun to have the excuse and free time to get back into it.  I have learned a lot since I started, mostly about what not to do.

I got stuck in a pattern rut after finding this easy pine cone design online.


I have started trying a few new things, like dying the egg black to start.  This allows me to have black outlines instead of light outlines.

Black outline cone design.
Pine cone design with natural shell outline.

I like the contrast that starting with a dark outline give you but I tried it with blue


and green outlines too.


I was inspired by the sunset through the trees out our front door


and wanted to do some sunset shadow eggs.

I didn’t like the way the first one came out after I melted with black wax off it. Too blurry.   Then I remembered they were my eggs and I don’t HAVE to melt the wax off.  I quite prefer the bumpy ones.


I gave them roots below the mountains, I liked the way they turned out.


Since I can’t seem to stop drawing trees, moons and mountains; I just went with it.



I added a beach side to the winter tree, just to remind myself of summer on these cold days.


Last but not least; I used one of the beautiful specked eggs to make a moon and constellation egg.

The natural speckled shells make such great moons.
The natural speckled shells make such great moons.

I put the Big Dipper on one side because it remind me of home.


and the constellation Orion on either side because it always seems to come with me wherever I go.


Moon rockets are fun.


All in all, it has been meditative to sit quietly as the snow falls around us and layer wax over dye by the light of a candle.   There is something timeless about it that I truly enjoy.  Plus when you are done you have enough egg to make a huge omelet and pretty little works de art.


It’s better than yelling at the T.V.



9 Comments on “Pysanky 2015-The Pysankydome.

    • Melissa,
      I left some really good resources below for unionhomestead if you want to give it a go. The boys LOVE making them (I think partly because it involves a candle and candles are always fun) Holding the kriska over the flame takes some focus but as the oldest pointed out to me the first time we did it; “Em this is REALLY good for teaching patients” Then he went back to melting his wax and telling his little brother he has to “hold it steady” They were only 5 and 7 when they started.

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