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Letting Go of Giving Everything Up.

I feel now that so much of what I am looking for, the patience, the peace, the calm can only be found though my ability to let go. I have realized that when I try to change things I have no influence over, I find my greatest unhappiness. The concept… Continue Reading “Letting Go of Giving Everything Up.”


I have spent a lot of time writing about what we left behind in Ca: Family  Friends My hometown  The redwoods Our lives as we knew them  I feel it is time to move on and give thanks today for where I woke up… Continue Reading “Home”

♥ Read Mine ♥

Yesterday the internet filled to capacity with pictures and stories both good and bad about Valentines Day.  Most of my friends on FB posted pictures of the flowers or gifts that their sweeties had given them.  AWWW (truly no sarcasm, I promise) and others… Continue Reading “♥ Read Mine ♥”

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