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Getting All Our Ducks in a Row

I mean literally. My figurative ducks are all over the place!  However, I have found that actual ducks are easy to get in a row.  Step 1: Put down a line of food… that pretty much does the trick. Fun fact: it works for chickens too. It is… Continue Reading “Getting All Our Ducks in a Row”

The Best Laid Plans

… of ducks and women often go awry. This spring, we decided NOT to add anything to the menagerie.  Then our ducks went ahead and veto that decision.  Of course, it is my fault for letting them sit on the eggs but if you have ever encountered… Continue Reading “The Best Laid Plans”

Foul! Guinea Fowl That Is…

When we left for my sister’s wedding we had 11 eggs going in the incubator.  For the first time this summer they were not chicken eggs. I declared my desire for guiena fowl one night this past winter.  Thanks to the magic of the internet I was… Continue Reading “Foul! Guinea Fowl That Is…”

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