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All-You-Can-Take Mother’s Day Pain Buffet

Child birth is often touted as the most pain a person can experience and I can’t say that I disagree.  I can say that it is a fortunate thing the body has no capacity to remember that pain.  I remember it happened and that… Continue Reading “All-You-Can-Take Mother’s Day Pain Buffet”

The Best Laid Plans

… of ducks and women often go awry. This spring, we decided NOT to add anything to the menagerie.  Then our ducks went ahead and veto that decision.  Of course, it is my fault for letting them sit on the eggs but if you have ever encountered… Continue Reading “The Best Laid Plans”

The Most Beautiful Thing I have Ever Seen!

There are many things in this life that make all the other crappy parts worth living through.  Love, beauty, kindness and friendship top the list. There few people who embody all these things.   One of them is my childhood best friend. We met… Continue Reading “The Most Beautiful Thing I have Ever Seen!”

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