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Just a Spoon Full of Honey

For my husband and me, a spoon full of honey does more than just help “the medicine go down” often the honey is the medicine.  For colds and coughs we combine it with summer tinctures or it’s eaten with pineapple (Pineapples contain an enzyme called bromelain… Continue Reading “Just a Spoon Full of Honey”

Long live the queen!

I have to admit I have been dreading looking in hive #2 for sometime now.  After the last inspection reveled that they were in the process of re-queening I have been very worried that I might have to combine to two hives if the… Continue Reading “Long live the queen!”

Off With Her Head!

The dandelions and trees are in full bloom! As much as I dislike (and my husband down right HATES) the mock cherry tree in our front yard, its blooms are the first large source of nectar in our yard.  So it gets a pass…for… Continue Reading “Off With Her Head!”

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