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BAD DOG!!! “No Soup For YOU!”

Well, I went and jinxed it. After a few posts about how well behaved Isis has been and posting a survival skills article that included “knowing how to dress and butcher an animal.”  I have to admit; I was kind of asking for it. Like… Continue Reading “BAD DOG!!! “No Soup For YOU!””

Three Girls, One Hat.

A slideshow of the girls, with Ry’s felt hat.  We all know they had it coming.  Click on the gallery for the best experience of all the silliness our dogs have to put up with.  

Golden cabin fever brain farts.

OK, brace yourselves.  Are you sitting down? Yesterday it snowed, again (or is it still?) You are shocked I’m sure. Good thing you were sitting down! Our yard now looks like this: There is still one person here who is beside herself. Please do… Continue Reading “Golden cabin fever brain farts.”

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