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She’s Got the Whole World in Her Hands

*I wrote this a while back.  It has taken this long to edit and post. All accounts of the gardens and sheep are not current ūüôā Summer 2018- Adjusting to having a daughter has been surreal and¬†overwhelming¬†in every way possible. There is anxiety that… Continue Reading “She’s Got the Whole World in Her Hands”

Photo Challenge 2016- Path

Growing up the martial arts community¬†it is almost impossible for me to think of “a path” without the concept of the Tao or Dao. ¬†Contrary to the notion of a well defined boulevard or road The Way or The Path¬†has always been explained to… Continue Reading “Photo Challenge 2016- Path”

Our Forest Pharmacy

Today,¬†I grabbed my basket and headed up the hill in search of some medicinal plants. ¬†¬†The trees are turning and I felt it time to do some gathering before the leaves and inevitably,¬†snow cover the forest floor for the coming months. The woods surrounding¬†the… Continue Reading “Our Forest Pharmacy”

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