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Photo Challenge 2016- Path

Growing up the martial arts community it is almost impossible for me to think of “a path” without the concept of the Tao or Dao.  Contrary to the notion of a well defined boulevard or road The Way or The Path has always been explained to… Continue Reading “Photo Challenge 2016- Path”

Are Phoenix Ashes Impatient?

An oldie but a goodie… Almost two years later.  The more things change the more that stay the same. When a Phoenix dies, do its remains know they will be reborn? This past few months I have managed to; loose my dad, quit my job, flounder… Continue Reading “Are Phoenix Ashes Impatient?”

The Places I have Found Myself

More than once I was waiting for myself as I summated a mountain’s top, standing on the path yet out of my own way, so that if I had not been looking for myself  I wouldn’t have been there to see. Long ago I… Continue Reading “The Places I have Found Myself”

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