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I Met a Young Man

I met a young man this morning, staring out of my stepson’s eyes. When had they started looking so wise?! What happened I can not say, only that I know for sure it was different yesterday. Or… Had that been last week? Maybe the one before? Hard to… Continue Reading “I Met a Young Man”

Throwback Wednesday (Yes, I am THAT impatient!)

I wrote this two years ago after our trip back home for our West Coast wedding blessing ceremony.  It was the first time we got to show the boys where they were born and the last time they saw my dad, their “Grandpa Wise-man”… Continue Reading “Throwback Wednesday (Yes, I am THAT impatient!)”

7/13/2010 -Today you said you love me.

Without preamble or question, today you said you love me. My heart leapt out of my chest and my breath stopped in my throat. All I did was build a fort and my reward was a unsolicited statement of affection. I could only answer… Continue Reading “7/13/2010 -Today you said you love me.”

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