So Close and Yet So Far

My little cousin got married last month.  Though truth be told, he can hardly be called "little" by any stretch of the imagination.  He now looks a little like Clark Kent, can bench press an obscene amount of weight and will some day soon be a licensed Chiropractor.  In my heart and mind he will forever... Continue Reading →

My Two Cents on Marriage. For My Favorite/Only Little Sister.

My little sister got married this past Saturday and it was EPIC!  She was THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BRIDE EVER!  The day was filled with new born goats, a rice crispy treat mountain covered in dragons fighting evil marmots, a trebuchet, family and love. "Who could ask for anything more?"   I am so happy to have a... Continue Reading →

Sometimes the chocolate box of life gives you the best kids in the world.

We got married over an year and a half ago and it was perfect.  Not because everything went the way we planned but because it didn't. The only thing I really cared about was having the kids there with us.  They dressed as they wanted (one ninja and one Jedi)  and were perfectly themselves.  I... Continue Reading →

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