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The Cotton Anniversary?!

Apparently cotton is the traditional second year anniversary gift, I thought it was cardboard. It is supposed to represent durability and the ability to adapt, I like that. In a few days my husband and I will celebrate our second wedding anniversary. When you… Continue Reading “The Cotton Anniversary?!”

The Loose Ends…

 Devoid of purpose, I wandered. Making my way down the worn path to that old familiar place of fire and metal. The overgrown jungle of iron and found “treasures” from years of my dad’s ramblings. It was as he left it- when he left us. The spiders… Continue Reading “The Loose Ends…”

A Marmot’s Tale.

My sister requested I make her a rice crispy treat mountain for her wedding.   Preferable, this confectionary mountain would have marmots fighting dragons on it. Fine.  My little sister wants a breakfast cereal mountain adorned with rodents fighting mythical beings- whatever. This request resulted in… Continue Reading “A Marmot’s Tale.”

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