A Marmot’s Tale.

My sister requested I make her a rice crispy treat mountain for her wedding.   Preferable, this confectionary mountain would have marmots fighting dragons on it.

Fine.  My little sister wants a breakfast cereal mountain adorned with rodents fighting mythical beings- whatever.

This request resulted in a late-night-marshmallow-covered adventure of epic proportions.

It began with 10 boxes of cereal.
It began with 10 boxes of cereal. At 10pm at night.

I decided that the cereal version of the creation my husband dubbed “Mt. Midoriyama” should have a base of chocolate rice crispy, a middle of peanut butter and just a plain top- straight marshmallow on cereal goodness.

Chocolate, chocolate and cereal and more chocolate and cereal! It’s only 10:15 we have plenty of time!


My sister suggested that it should have layers of candy so that when you cut through it it will look like geological formations.



A mountain of rice crispy treats complete with geological formations adorned with a marmot/dragon battle.




While watching my husband and I have way too much fun creating this wedding monstrosity, my mom defined this situation perfectly.

“You have been doing this all your lives.  One of you makes a ridiculous request and the idea snowballs into reality through the other one.  I just sit back and enjoy the show.”

The whole family made clay figures and created the story behind them and the battle.  I am not going to lie, things got a little out of hand but ended in a cool story and a mountain of crispy goodness!

The Dad Goffie dragon
The Dad Goffy dragon. Ry cooking in the background. We did the cooking for dinner too, thank god we only have to do this once!

The story goes as follows:

“One Day Me –Ma the wise turtle was practicing Tai Chi under the sacred apple tree.



She noticed a shadow flying over her. She looked up and saw the family of goofy rainbow dragons who lived down the mountain.   Something was different they were flying more franticly that day.  Even though they didn’t have wings (All dragons can fly everyone knows that. “What?! They do!” proclaimed the littlest monkey.)           

The Goofies looked worried. Word around the mountain was that a pack of evil marmots in league with the squirrels (who everyone knows are evil by nature) had plans to raid the dragon’s nest and steal their egg in order to make a giant omelet filled with evil cheese.

 Me-ma knew this could not end well so she called on the only animals that could help the Goofy dragons from the ravenous invading rodents.

Even though Sara and Delbs had just gotten married, they dropped their wedding cake and reached for their weapons.  Sara wielded the magical sword of “Clobber” and Delbs grabbed his “50 Cal. ‘O’ peace.”

(What? It’s our story!)

Sara with the “Sward of Clobber” and Delbs with his 50 cal. protecting the rainbow of dragon silliness.


They headed down to Che the Kung Fu Penguin’s ranch to devise a plan to thwart the horrible marmots.  Lead by the most despicable marmot to ever live.  Ahab- the one eyed fiend and his super evil squirrel Bob. The marmots began their attack right as Che and his lovely penguin wife Angela arrived with reinforcements to save the Goofy family from total annihilation.


Che and Angela.
Che and Angela.

“Stand aside! You stupid egg protecting do-gooders!  We have evil omelets to make!”

“NONE SHALL PASS!!!”  Declared the newly married couple.  “Yah!” Said the new born dragon (who could still fly even though he didn’t have wings.)

The older dragon charged over- turned around, lifted his tail and let rip a powerful mystical fart.  It knocked the first wave of marmots to their knees.  They quickly regained their feet and continued to charge the dragon nest.

Then the older and younger dragons jumped out and the baby dragon used his newborn fire to light his brother’s massive fart.  The fireball scared commander Bob the squirrel so bad he bit one of the other marmot’s ears off.


The epic battle raged on as Sara and Delbs launched the next charge, terrifying the marmot and squirrels. The dragon reinforced the attack from the air.  Since the older dragon was running out of farts, Che the penguin (who is never out of gas) helped with the supply.

With the help of  dragons breath they drove the rest of the marmots back. Delbs laid down rounds of peaceful suppressive fire, while Sara used the “Sword of Clobber” to drive the leader and the remainder of his band of rodents back to their evil rodent kingdom.

Then Frank the good squirrel raised the crystal of “None evil” and sealed the land in peace.  Protecting the eggs from omelet makers everywhere.  The dragons where so happy that they flew Sara and Delbs to the land of happy marriage where they raised a metric butt load of marmot spawn and lived happily ever after.

The End 

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