The past decade and a half I spent most summer days inside.  In the service industry when people are out at the beach, or enjoying vacations and taking day trips they will inevitable want you to cook them dinner.

Hence, I have missed more glorious summer days than I care to recall.  All I remember was fire, knifes and yelling.

So the other day I did something I haven’t done in years…

Laid out in my backyard for hours.

It. Was. Amazing!

The feeling of sun on my skin is priceless.  I found so many interesting small things as I moved my towel around the yard.  Like the little wild strawberries that blanket the back of the shrinking lawn.

Lots of cool spiders too.  I like spiders, they eat bugs.

Our cat Luna even came over and lounged with me.  Then ran off quickly, likely to kill something cute and fluffy.

After awhile I started feeling guilty about spending so much time doing nothing at all.

When came around the corner, I found that after trimming some of the pines that line our driveway- my husband had made a chair.

I wondered what all that noise was about.

At least one of us was productive today.

Don’t worry, I’ll get over the guilt.