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Welcome Home!

If you are one of the many people to responded our lost cat post a few days ago with prayers and wishes for her safe return, it seems that they worked!

Spiders, and Luna, and Chairs Oh My!

The past decade and a half I spent most summer days inside.  In the service industry when people are out at the beach, or enjoying vacations and taking day trips they will inevitable want you to cook them dinner. Hence, I have missed more glorious summer days… Continue Reading “Spiders, and Luna, and Chairs Oh My!”

Your Pets Are Not Your Children, They Are Your Grandparents.

Your animals should not be like your children.  They should be your grandparents. I say this for one specific and important reason- it is unnatural to outlive your offspring. Barring some unforeseen tragic event, it will be your privilege to preside over the passing of your critters.  I… Continue Reading “Your Pets Are Not Your Children, They Are Your Grandparents.”

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