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Welcome Home!

If you are one of the many people to responded our lost cat post a few days ago with prayers and wishes for her safe return, it seems that they worked!

A Familiar Loss

Since the death of my dad last fall, my choices have catapulted our lives into a bittersweet mix of trial and change. Some good some bad, all different. The homestead has had many births and new beginnings but today I fear we must again morn one of… Continue Reading “A Familiar Loss”

Spiders, and Luna, and Chairs Oh My!

The past decade and a half I spent most summer days inside.  In the service industry when people are out at the beach, or enjoying vacations and taking day trips they will inevitable want you to cook them dinner. Hence, I have missed more glorious summer days… Continue Reading “Spiders, and Luna, and Chairs Oh My!”

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