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Winter Is Over!…?

It may not look like it but I am declaring today to be the last day of winter! I know, I know, it really doesn’t look like winter is done but trust me; it’s on the way out!  Today we saw a liquid substance on… Continue Reading “Winter Is Over!…?”

“Well, There’s Your Problem…”

Yep, we have reached the point in the winter when the parking lot snow is over the top of the trucks, rack and all. Every other row of parking spots turn into ski slopes. And everyone is running out of places to put new snow.… Continue Reading ““Well, There’s Your Problem…””

“The W a i t i n g Is The Hardest Part”

It is such a beautiful day today, it’s hard to believe that tomorrow we will be in the middle of THE BLIZZARD OF 2015. “DUH-DUNT-DUH-DUNT” Right now, outside it looks like this.

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