“Lord, Deliver Us from Commercials.”

Our greenhouses are in the process of being swallowed by snow.

The view out the front door.
The view out the front door.

Most of the surrounding area is under hip deep drifts, we have been snowed-in for the better part of a month but I am at my wits end with the commercials that interrupt our regularly scheduled winter programming.

We don’t have cable.  We gave it up years ago when the monthly task of paying a hundred dollar entrainment bill started to make me nauseous.

Overall, I like the selection and control of Nextflix/Hulu and I don’t mind that we have no ties to the ‘current’ shows BUT the commercials get to me.  Even though there are only a couple ads per break they are often the same ones over and over…

There is one cellular ad that is driving me batty this week and I find again that I am talking back to the stupid box.

For the record I know it can’t hear me but I just can’t help myself.

Maybe you have seen it- two men running through the woods being chased by a wild boar.  They are trying to look-up what to do about their current predicament and due to the AMAZING cell service provided by the company they get the answer they need.

Pretend to be a tree.


Why would you tell people that?!  It is not a fricken T-rex!  Its vision is not based on moment.  It’s a mammal for god sake!

Why not tell people the correct answer; climb a tree.  Get off the ground.

If you stop in the middle of a clearing and hold still like a tree while being chased by hundreds of pounds of sharp angry bacon; YOU WILL BE GORED!

I just don’t get it.  I could understand if ‘standing like a tree’ was the punchline but it’s not.   Instead they went with the old “I don’t have to outrun it I only have to outrun you.”

So why in the name of Zeus’s butthole would you go out of your way to tell people misinformation?   No access to the internet to look up how you actually deal with a charging boar?

Stupid-nicks!  Ok, I feel better.  On the bright side the snow is not getting to one of us. I will give you three guesses who.


She is like half dog half plow, all husky.


“Everything smells like SNOW! Glorious snow.”


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