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Winter Is Over!…?

It may not look like it but I am declaring today to be the last day of winter! I know, I know, it really doesn’t look like winter is done but trust me; it’s on the way out!  Today we saw a liquid substance on… Continue Reading “Winter Is Over!…?”

“Lord, Deliver Us from Commercials.”

Our greenhouses are in the process of being swallowed by snow. Most of the surrounding area is under hip deep drifts, we have been snowed-in for the better part of a month but I am at my wits end with the commercials that interrupt our… Continue Reading ““Lord, Deliver Us from Commercials.””

Snowed-in Cauliflower

Over the past few weeks our area has received over 70 inches of the white stuff, with more on the way next week.   Consequently we have spent A LOT of time indoors, unable to leave the house. We have taken turns doing the shopping- depending… Continue Reading “Snowed-in Cauliflower”

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