“Well, There’s Your Problem…”

Yep, we have reached the point in the winter when the parking lot snow is over the top of the trucks, rack and all.

IMG_1208Every other row of parking spots turn into ski slopes.


And everyone is running out of places to put new snow.


Driving up North yesterday I found someone with more problems than the parking lot’s.  I think the pictures say it all.



That SUV was pinned under the piling.   I stopped down the road and got the story from another station.   Apparently someone was shoveling the roof when it happened.  I asked if they were alright and the attendant shrugged.  Not sure if it’s just too cold to care or what but that is a long drop!


I’ll just add that to my “list of random shit to fear.”  If you are up here with us, only use stations with more than two support pillions.   Safe pumping!

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