Autumn Eggs

For anyone that has never experienced fall foliage in New England, do it.

The view is one of a kind and the only time during the year I don’t miss my forest back home.  Everyday, around every corner is a new combination of color and light, it is impossible to capture.

Here there were even turkeys. You can see them heading into the forest to the left.

Not that I haven’t tried.  Pictures and words all fall short when attempting to contain the beauty of autumn leaves.  In honor of such an awesome show, I decided to do some fall Pysanky eggs.


I did most of them at the beginning of the turn when each trees is a rainbow of color as they change from green to red or yellow.



I also experimented with wax relief to add some more dimension to the projects.


I am pleased with the results.  I had some bright pink dye that I turned into spring cheery blossom trees.

As always there were some moon eggs, with stars and comets.



I have taken to glazing them to add a bit of shine, as well as a bit more strength.


I ended up with a creepy eye egg for reasons I’m not fully aware of.


Every fall day is a new surprise along the continued progression toward winter.  When we moved, people told me that the seasons would be like nothing I had experienced in my California life and they were right.

Winter’s beauty is brutal, cold and monochromatic.  Spring fills the brown spaces of the world with color and bugs.  Summer is hot and muggy like air soup that feels as if it will never end and the bugs will take over the world!

Then comes autumn.  Cool breezes, blue skies and forests that morph into stained glass.  Fall brings out the best of New England and I am glad I get to experience it.  I put a few if these up on our Etsy site, If you are interested in owning any of them or if you just need a little autumn in your life.

Be well!


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