Photo Challenge 2016- Spring

This challenge has once again given me a chuckle and serious pause for thought at the same time.

Yesterday we got almost six inches and snow…On the second day of spring.

Yah, New England weather.

This resulted in my pictures for the prompt being chuck-full of juxtaposition.  In fact, it was kind of hard for me to pick between the subjects I had on hand.  With snowy backdrops for all, spring seemed absent.

It started with eggs.


Outside the coop I found some snow covered buds, growing.  Giving no heed to their cold little hats.


As I headed back, I was a more than a little pessimistic about the whole “spring” thing.  When I got back to the house I heard a commotion from the mock cherry tree.  It was covered in robins!  The harbingers of spring.  I settled on this picture for my spring photo.


At one point there was over 20 of them.  Their red orange breasts stood out against the winter backdrop.  I watched them till they spooked and moved on en masse.  I realized the problem was not with what the day had brought but with what I had wanted it to bring.  I took a deep breath and counted my blessings.

It was a good day to be home, cheering sun and the robins on as they eat winter’s leftovers.

My “photo challenge lesson” this week is one that the universe has been trying to teach me for years now, patients.  (That- and spelling.  With equal success.)

Today was a good reminder that I am not there yet.

Two days ago, I saw crocuses in the yard and green grass on the roadside.  Today, back to a snowy wonderland.  It was hard not to feel just a little frustrated but we have waited this long and timing really is everything; especially for natural true growth.

Expectations for the future are a slippery slope.  Impatience leads to needless disappointment and poor harvests.  Worst of all; it robs us of the beauty in our current moment because we had hoped for something different.

We have a bumper sticker on the fridge that says:

“Judge each day not by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant.”

Even when it feels like I’m not making progress or that all our tomorrows bring set backs and more snow.  There is growth.  Outside right now the sun is shinning and we have bright blue skies.  I am grateful for the change, no matter how slight.  Spring is right around the corner.

Be well and happy growing!

10 Comments on “Photo Challenge 2016- Spring

  1. I love the thought that went into your post. I liked the picture of eggs against snow, eggs as a symbol of new birth and hope set against the snow and darkness of winter, symbols of good and bad, perfect for an Easter time picture!

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