Photo Challenge 2016- Outline

Sheep ATTACK!!!

Most days when the sheep are done munching around the yard they come to the sliding glass door and try to get in.  Sometimes they just lay down and wait for someone to notice them.


Other times they will knock on the glass with their hoofs, insisting someone pay attention NOW!

I don’t like this behavior because they are substantial animals and their interactions with the large glass door make me very nervous.  Last month I started leaning a boogie board up against the door, this blocks their view and protects to door.  Plus they don’t seem to be the flat-thing’s biggest fans; for whatever reason it spooks them.

Double win, right?!


Last week I heard a commotion on the deck and after a quick investigation I found that one of them had moved the boogie bored with her sheep hands (aka her mouth) and taken a good chunk out of it in the process!

It is this encounter between sheep and recreational object that gives me my belated entry for the prompt: outline.


The outline of a sheep’s mouth to be precise.

A couple minutes later Lulu came over and may have admitted blame for the vandalism.


That’s how I am looking at it anyway.

Be well!

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