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Photo Challenge 2016- Spring

This challenge has once again given me a chuckle and serious pause for thought at the same time. Yesterday we got almost six inches and snow…On the second day of spring. Yah, New England weather. This resulted in my pictures for the prompt being chuck-full… Continue Reading “Photo Challenge 2016- Spring”

Photo Challenge 2016- Outline

Sheep ATTACK!!! Most days when the sheep are done munching around the yard they come to the sliding glass door and try to get in.  Sometimes they just lay down and wait for someone to notice them. Other times they will knock on the glass with… Continue Reading “Photo Challenge 2016- Outline”

2016 Photo Challenge- Solid

Even the heart brake can yield a harvest. Fredrick, the last guinea fowl died Valentines day, which is rather fitting.  I think he might have been a little suicidal after the death of his flock at the paws of the husky.   He was… Continue Reading “2016 Photo Challenge- Solid”

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