Seize the Day

Everyday I pass a place in the mountains where the water gathers and runs off when it is in liquid form.  Most of the winter it is covered under snow but there are a few magical days when it is cold enough to freeze naked to the world. I find it infinity fascinating to see... Continue Reading →

Photo Challenge 2016- Mystery

There is nothing hidden about the changing of the seasons in New England.  The constant transition happens all around.  Everything out in the open, there to see if you take the time to look. The fields that line my commute are daily reminders that the land's harvest is temporary by nature.  Backroads are packed with all sorts of... Continue Reading →

“That Man Is The Richest Whose Pleasures Are The Cheapest.”-H.D.T

I got an unexpected surprise soon after I married my husband.  We had no money for a honeymoon (this was not the surprise.)  As we were discussing what we could do with our time off together I jokingly suggested that we go driving around Maine listening to Stephen King audiobooks. To my absolute shock he got really... Continue Reading →

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