Spring Break, Homestead Edition

This week proved once again (and still) how awesome the boys are.  I am officially 8 3/4 months pregnant and in this state it could be a real drain to have two rambunctious kids running round for ten days, but true to form the boys were more of a joy than ever.  Sure, they are loud and have more energy than a bunny on red bull, but it is tempered with kindness, love and a superseding impulse to help.  Lord knows there is a lot around here that we desperately needed to get done so their efforts were appreciated.

The week got off to a cold start with snow and ice blanketing the ground once again but it ended with sunshine and thawed ground!  That is a big deal in Maine.  We were able to drive fence posts and expand the front yard for the dogs to the other side of the rock wall.  The husky as been endlessly pleased with her new territory.

The chickens have forgotten why they have a fence in the first place and have been flying the coop and roaming the yard.


Considering I saw a big fox in the yard mid-day last week this makes me all kinds of nervous.  However, there is little I can do about it they have wings and free will.  Last year we lost a handful of birds due to terrestrial attack and everyone decided to stay in the safe zone of their own accord, but those memories have faded and I can understand the draw of all that open ground.  We have more fences to put up before the crop planting begins in ernest or the chickens will see to it we get no harvest this year.

My sister came into town last week as well, in case I go into labor when my husband is at work.  It has been amazing to have her here!  For the past year she has been living in Guam and it is really nice to see her in person.  We even managed to leave the homestead and show her some of the local attractions, like the old port in Portland.


We got to a Sea Dog’s game too!


Baseball is a sure sign of spring.  As are the bulbs that have reemerged from years passed.  This bed might even have a chance this year since it is now included in the dog run now and out of the sheep’s reach.


The expansion of the dog yard brings them right up to the sheep enclosure which should prove interesting in the days to come.


This week was a whirlwind of activity.  We even managed to fit in a very chilly maternity shoot.  Since my sister is a professional photographer the shots came out great!  The boys wanted to help and were dubbed “photo squires.”  They took care of my cloths, hair, scouting spots and just plain being awesome.  They kept me cracking up and there were many more outtakes than serious pictures.


We did get a couple nice ones.




This would not have been possible without Sara’s expertise as I have the tendency to be super odd and have major issues taking myself seriously.


More than anything, this last week made me super grateful for everything in my life.  There was a time when I had accepted that I might never get pregnant.

At the end of winter it can feel like spring will never come, that the cold and the dark will reign forever, but that is pessimism at its finest and not at all how life works.  The way forward is slow and steady.

I am trying to enjoy each moment for what it is, especially considering that our lives will soon change drastically.  Like the arrival of spring one day it will just happen.   We are blessed to have so much love and support.

Thank you for reading and be well!

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